Our mission


At DeepTrait, we harness the power of artificial intelligence to address the most fundamental questions of food supply, healthcare, and life itself.

Our technology opens new ground for breeding better plants and livestock, designing novel drugs, improving health diagnostics and treatment plans. 



DeepTrait approach relies on the unique, proprietary deep neural network architectures and training practices capable of working with full genomes of billions of base pair long, understanding genetic patterns and revealing hidden genomic structures.

Next-generation Markers


DeepTrait next-generation markers (NGM) is an artificial intelligence technology for learning perfect genetic markers by analyzing genomic data.

It uses full genome sequences, contigs, or long reads with contrast phenotypes as an input and outputs unique k-mers.

These k-mers are the next-generation genetic markers. They highlight the genetic mechanisms of the origin, control, or suppression of the trait.





December 16, 2019

Sergii Shelpuk, Co-founder & CEO of DeepTrait, writes for Towards AI on the current state of the field, the landscape and challenges of AI application for genomics, and a background story of DeepTrait.


Sergii Shelpuk

June 14, 2019

DeepTrait is developing self-learning AI capable of working with the full genomes of crop plants. Cofounders Sergii Shelpuk and Ruslana Radchuk talk about how the company was founded and the services they hope to offer to the global biotechnology community.


Michael Buryk

June 13, 2019

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