Our mission


At DeepTrait, our mission is to address fundamental questions of food supply, health care and life itself with machine learning. We work on understanding, designing and reprogramming life forms with the state of the art self-learning technologies.



We are AI in biotechnology. We work on developing self-learning AI capable of working with full genomes of crop plants, on nucleotide level. Our goal is to change the way we do crop development, engineering and selection. DeepTrait technology connects traits with their genetic origins thus helping to analyze and design new crop types with desired phenotypes.




DeepTrait technology relies on deep neural networks capable of understanding the genome at the nucleotide level. The neural networks provide suggestions for what is the cause of the specific trait and how to transfer it to new organisms. Our biologists verify these suggestions, aggregate and improve them to produce the final result.



Marker development


We will develop a perfect marker for your

crop plant and trait

Plant redesign


We will tell you what exactly to change in genome of a plant to achieve a new desired trait.

Plant design
(under development)


We will deliver you a complete genome of a plant having all specified traits.





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